A Man of Innocence

Ok I wrote this poem in the legacy of MICHAEL JOESPH JACKSON. He was truly a talented man on this earth that dind’t deserve the treatment that he recieved.

A Man Of Innocence


ALWAYS Carring

NEVER greedy

If his love was the food, there would be no more Hunger.

No more poverty

No More wars

No more hurt

They did eveerything in thier power to Bring



They went down the road of biogtry to Break you

They even threatened to take your children away

Because they didn’t like the beat of your rhythm.

But even when they did all that

You still give them L.O.V.E

Even when they arrested you and called you

Out of your name

You still gave them L.O.V.E

That is one thing that I will ALWAYS admire about you.

Your willingness to turn the other cheek on stupidity

Your willingness to help the fellow man when at a time of need

Your kindness towards children all over the world.

When I grow up, I want to be a at least the half of the man you are.




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