I Wish You Well

I Wish You Well by Alicia Lee

All the nights I cried

All the nights I tried

To become a better person

for you

You see I love you from the bottom of my HEART

I truly do

But do you ever notice me?

Do you care how I feel INSIDE?

The PAIN that YOU caused ME.

The LIES, the HURT, the DECIET according to your mind

It is all a fading game of tour memory

You use me like a RAG

Wipe me down, Wipe me off.

Like DUST on your clothes.


WHY do I keep wanting you?

WHY do I thrive for you?


All my friends say you’re know good.


WHY do I keep running back?

You see, you are like a CHILD


Taken aback by your own shadow

SCAREd 2 see your own mistakes.

It doesnt take much to say “I’M SORRY”

DOES the PAIN on my face tell you anything?

DOES the pain in my HEART  melts your ICY grin of fake smiles?

Do You really care?


In a way I want to THANK YOU

Thank you for being my motivator

THANK YOU for telling me that I was weak,

that I was broken, shattered

Those words only made me STRONGER.

You may have thought you broke this BEAUTIFUL vase

But all this vase needed was a new cleaning of Lysol.

You think that after all this time, I would:


Or may even KILL you

But the love we had for each other will never die

That part of me will always be that way

I FORGIVE you for hitting me

for chocking you

for disrespecting me

for raping me

I forgive you for all the evil you done.

Now I am FREE to go on  about my life.

I can live my life  without living it in fear.

Live my life without any hurt from you

I live my life like it is GOLDEN

and more PRECIOUS than gold

While I still forgive you

You will get yours

The lord says it ” Pray for the ones that mistreat you.”

Until that day comes


(C) by Alicia Kathleen Lee


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