Momma K

This poem is dedicated to Katherine Jackson aka Momma K

Momma K

Momma K , please dont cry

Momma K please dont cry

Looking at you

Seeing you cry those tears

of your BELOVEd son that you lost


But most importantly that was your baby

Nobodoy can fully understand how it feels

To loose a son or a dughter

Until it happens to you

You son

Your PRECIOUS baby

That you and Joe cared for and raised

That same baby

That was persucted by the world

That only wanted to share his L.O.V.E

That only wanted to give his all

That only wanted PEACE for Humanity

That was someones father,

brother, son

nephew, uncle

Nobody on this earth can fully understand the lost

But Momma K I want to let you know

I love and support you

You remind me of my grandma that passed

Stay Strong during this difficult time

We love you Momma K


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