The Innocent Killing

Warning : This following poem is about abortions. I am a strong supporter against abortion. I think it is murder no matter what people say. My following views are expressed in this poem. If you are a supporter of abortion please LEAVE this page now.


My CUT off leg


Why is happening?

What is this?

Is this some type of TORTURE for a crime that I did not commit?

Is this the price I pay for wanting to stay?

All I want is L-O-v-E

and a little bit of T-L-C

Is that too much to ask?

If I knew this was going to happen to me,


didn’t you  choose option 2?

Let me LIVE with another one of you

So I can be FREE

and so the can show me what L-O-v-E really means

and give me the T-L-C I need.

And you is just going to justify this type of TORTURE?

Would you want this to happen to you?

You say that I am a fetus,

which to you, 

is NOT technically a human right?

But you’re wrong.

They say that I can’t feel pain

They say that I can’t see

They say I can’t hear

They say to get rid of it.


do YOU know how it feels to have your

SKIN burned with SALINE?

Do YOU know how it feels to have your

BRAIN scooped out  while your still moving?

Do you know how it feels  to have your

LEGS ripped from your BODY?


It is more than just a HORROR.

It is a never ending NIGHTMARE.

Is the cycle of INNOCENT KILLING.

Note : This poem is dedicated to all the babies that died from abortions this year and past years. Everyone deserves a chance at life. You are precious gift from God no matter what race nor color. I pray that God will bless your souls with family that will love you. My heart goes out to you. RIP




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