Hate to Loose You

You said you would always be there

That you would always care

Be my sister in the rain

Through the heartache and pain

We were bestfriedns till the end

We would strive together for what whatever faced us


times have changed since then

Now we are worse enemies

Can’t stand to look at each other

Hate to be near wach other

We won’t even breathe the same air

All of what, you ask

because when I needed you, you weren’t there

You didn’t care

You didn’t care if I was sick

or sad  or crying out for help

I needed you but you never coame

You put your own selfishneeds before what really mattered

Where were you?

I can’t say it any less

This person I used to love

Has been replaced with somebody I don’t know

The complete oppposite of what I loved

I still hurt

because I missed the person you used to be

You were my motivator

The one I could talk too

The one I can lean on

I miss that

Come back best friend come back to me 😉 ♥


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