Tired of thinking for everybody else

Tired of doing stuff for everybody

I am tired, tired, tired

God knows I am trying

I am trying my best

But I don’t know how long it can last

I know it is the best thing to do

But I can’t keep doing it anymore

Feels like I am in chains

Just doing the same stuff over and over again

I need to be free

I can’t keep doing this

When its going to be me?

I am not trying to be selfish

But I am just tired of

Being in the same spot

Doing the same things

Dealing with the same shit

Day, after day,

It seems like no matter what I do

To change what happened

In the Pass

The shit gets bloweed up in my face.

And I keep putting up with it

Because I have to

But I am tired

When will the Future change?

When will the gray sky pass?

When, When, When??


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