My Inspiration : Dedicated to the Memory of Lisa Nicole Lopes aka “Supernova”

You and Me have the same name

Share the same views

You are a Gemeni

Me an Aquarius

But yet we are so different

With your Words, You have inspired many

Even though you may not be credited for it


You thought me how to look at the other things in life

The small things

The stuff that matter

You taught me how to love

Love the people around me

And love the creatures of the planet

You taught me how to be wiser

How to deal with the world issues

That are being thrown at you

You don’t get the recoginization you deserve

Everybody calls you “crazy” but you are far from it

You are a beautiful flower

Blooming and changing everyday

You are like a rose

And like a rose you rose above it

And you did

You been and survived in different situations

So that the world can see

That time is always changing

And things don’t always work the way that it seems

They question your every decision

Even though your intentions were good

They turned all your words around

And left you misunderstood

Imagine that, no privacy

But that is the price of fame

If people knew more about you


People could open their eyes

And change their point of view of life

Change their point of view on love

Change thier point of view on happiness

The world needs more people like you

We miss you

Your family misses you

Your aura is fully missed

And You were so loved

Thanks for all you did for the music industry

And many more

And thank you for inspiring a girl like me

RIP Supernova  (May 27, 1971 – April 25, 2002)

* A new star is born* 




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