Dear Mama, A tale of unforgiveness

How many times do I have to say I’m sorry

If I could revers the pain and hurt

All over again I would

I wouldn’t do it

If I knew what I knew now

It would be different

Daddy is gone , everybody points the finger at me

Lisa did this or

Lisa did that

Stop doing this

Stop doing that

Yes he was friend, lover for over 35 years

Be he was also a DADDY

You miss him

I miss him

We all miss him

We loved him

We all wish that we could turn back time

Bring him back once more

But don’t keep bringing the bad

Stuff I did in the past

Back up Again

Everyday you throw it in my face

Like fire

No matter what I do now

It doesn’t matter

You will never see what I do

Not with your eyes

Every day I do make a change

But you don’ t see it

But I am not making these changes for you

I making changes for God

Because God see it

He knows my heart

He knows my body

My Soul and my spirit

And soon

I will be free from you.





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