Dedication to Chris : Fortune = Fortunate


The name of a strong man

Such a powerful name

With powerful talent

Influenced by the greats

And going to reach that level

But people

As Always

Gotta bring somebody down

When they see them as a threat

People will talk until the day you die

And will still not be satisfied

But no matter what they say

No matter what they do

I will always have your back

I always loved your music

Fell in Love with “Run It”

And it transformed from there

But everyday, I ask myself,

Why do people hate you so much?

What have you done to them personally? Nothing.

Why do people hate on such a good thing

Sure everybody makes mistakes

But who is perfect?

Nobody except God himself

And God has blessed you with all this talent

To entertain

To create

To transform

Music as we all know it

But I am here to say this

When people constantly nag at you

For stupid reasons

Just know that

“Inspiration and genius–one and the same”

And all the rest will follow

Be you

Do you

Be Free

and Continue to create good music

Peace and Blessings to Christopher Maurice Brown β™₯Image


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