The Innocent Killing of Trayvon Martin


Trayvon was a brother


A black man who lived in Florida

Went to go to the store

To buy skittles

For a little treat for himself

Little did he know

He life was going to become short

A sick man

Followed him

Followed him for what you ask?

Because he looked “suspicious”

“Suspicious” for wearing a hoodie


“Suspicious” for bein black

We’ll probably will never know the real reason

The man followed him

Chased him down

And shot him in the chest

Moments later Trayvon was dead

And the killer walks free

What’s the point of this?

The madness?

The innocent bloodshed?

You mean to tell me a person can’t walk down the street  without being killed

For being black?

Is this is how the system really is?

Messed up from the floor up

How is this be?

I ask God why?

Why did this little boy die this way?

He had so much potential

So much life

He had a future

But all that token,

In instant

And I ask you why,

Why is the killer free?

He’s enjoying life

While Tryvon is getting ready to be buried

People, Wake Up!

Don’t let his death be in vain

So it won’t happen to somebody else’s






Stop the cycle of bigotry, prejudice and racism

And raise Up

There is nothing that cab;t be done

If we all raise our voice as ONE.





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