If I was your girlfriend….my dedication to my Hubby Michael Jackson

Some may call it an obesssion

But I call it being dedicated

If I was many years older

Or if you were my age

How much I would love to date you

Not because of your money

Not because of your dashing good looks ( ;P

Because of you being you

You are everything I  a man should be





It takes a real interesting man to get me

You for one are it

Your sexiness is beyond the stars

I melt whenever I see your sweet face

But the real reason why I am into you

Is because of your heart

The L-O-V-E inside of you

Your love can kill the icest heart

Your love for the Earth is incredible

Beyond commandble

Everybody should have this type of love  in them

I will never understand

And still don’t quite understand

Why  did so many people broke your heart?

You have to be the one of the most sweetest men on Earth

You always put others before yourself

How could anybody break that precious soul?

Who would cheat on you when your the whole package?

I wonder who told you were “ugly”

They must be clearly mistaken

If I was your girlfiriend

I would tell you everyday

How much I love your “potato nose”

That I don’t care about your vitiligo

All I care about if the person I fell in love with doesn’t change

I would seperate the man from “Michael Jackson”

I would caress and hold you

Like there where no tomorow

I would be your ride or die chick

For better or for worse

When other people left your side

I would stay there for thick or thin

When those other bitches try to hurt you

I would hurt them myself

And make it personal

There are so many things I would do for yoy

But you never got the chance to meet me

Or see what I could be

Miss you now and Forever





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