New Years Prayer

Dear God,

So many things I want to see come true

So many wishes

Many hopes and dreams that I would like to see come up my alley

If that was only possible…..

Will this new year bring more pain and hurt than last year?

Will I do something so evil that I may regret?

Will someone push me to far off my edge?

Will Karma be a bitch and catch back up with my wicked way?


I don’t know and only time will tell

I can only worry about myself and what I do

Not worry about others people stupid actions

I am strong and I can handle anything that comes my way ….

Or a I least have to do when mess comes.

I pray to continue to be a more stronger person

More Wiser
More ParientSo I don’t make the same mistakes over and over

You know that I am trying

But change is a never ending progress but I am getting there.

Hopefully I will make my impact on the world

To let everybody know I was here

I need to take baby steps to there

I need to start with the man in the mirror before I effect someone’s else’s life.






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