You say that I don’t understand words 

That I have a word association problem 

But yet you yell at me

You make me feel lower than dirt 

But every I try to become the bigger and better person

But its never good enough for you 

I push myself to become more stronger, harder person

I try not to let your words effect me

But that seems to never work

Your ugly words get into my head  and crawl under my skin 

Those hurtful words shouldn’t come from any mother’s mouth 

But I’m not surprised because I see where you come from 

That should at least make you change as a person but I guess you are still a work in progress.

I can understand your in a fit of anger and words come out that you may regret later

But one thing you tend to forget is that CHILDREN  remember everything that the parents say to them.

Whether you are a good parent or a bad parent, children remember 

I wish I was never born… 


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