Dear Michael…A fan Appreciation Letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,

I can’t believe it has been 4 years since you left this Earth.  There isn’t a day I don’t think about you. I remember the first time I heard you on the radio. I was about 4 years old and Off The Wall was playing. My mom and I danced around the living room and my love for you continues to grow as years went on.  My mom got me into your music. She had been a fan of you ever since she saw you and your brothers perform on the living room TV. She collected everything that had your name or the Jackson’s name on it.  Everything from a button, to a magazine.  As I honor your legacy and your memory, I hope you know how many lives you are touching with your music and your legacy. You thought so many people how to learn and care for the environment, to help a fellow man in need and care about our children. You have taught me to never give up on a dream. To always keep striving to become a better person. Every time that I hit a low note, I used to always play your songs to make me feel better.  All of your messages through your songs were about love and helping one another. I want to continue the love that you showed to people even though people didn’t always return the love back.  Eventually I want to open a nursery that will help all types of babies and children who are sick and give their families a place to stay. That would be one of my dreams that would come true that would be dedicated to you and your spirit. I love and miss you Michael, it is so hard to believe that you are gone. But I am happy that you are at peace and that you can rest. No one on this Earth will ever hurt you again. You are protected in God’s hands.  Your legacy continues to grow throughout the world. Your children, friends and family miss you dearly. We love you now and forever and thank you for the wonderful music you created for the world to share.

Love, Lisa ♥



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