Dear Michael…A fan Appreciation Letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,

I can’t believe it has been 4 years since you left this Earth.  There isn’t a day I don’t think about you. I remember the first time I heard you on the radio. I was about 4 years old and Off The Wall was playing. My mom and I danced around the living room and my love for you continues to grow as years went on.  My mom got me into your music. She had been a fan of you ever since she saw you and your brothers perform on the living room TV. She collected everything that had your name or the Jackson’s name on it.  Everything from a button, to a magazine.  As I honor your legacy and your memory, I hope you know how many lives you are touching with your music and your legacy. You thought so many people how to learn and care for the environment, to help a fellow man in need and care about our children. You have taught me to never give up on a dream. To always keep striving to become a better person. Every time that I hit a low note, I used to always play your songs to make me feel better.  All of your messages through your songs were about love and helping one another. I want to continue the love that you showed to people even though people didn’t always return the love back.  Eventually I want to open a nursery that will help all types of babies and children who are sick and give their families a place to stay. That would be one of my dreams that would come true that would be dedicated to you and your spirit. I love and miss you Michael, it is so hard to believe that you are gone. But I am happy that you are at peace and that you can rest. No one on this Earth will ever hurt you again. You are protected in God’s hands.  Your legacy continues to grow throughout the world. Your children, friends and family miss you dearly. We love you now and forever and thank you for the wonderful music you created for the world to share.

Love, Lisa ♥




You say that I don’t understand words 

That I have a word association problem 

But yet you yell at me

You make me feel lower than dirt 

But every I try to become the bigger and better person

But its never good enough for you 

I push myself to become more stronger, harder person

I try not to let your words effect me

But that seems to never work

Your ugly words get into my head  and crawl under my skin 

Those hurtful words shouldn’t come from any mother’s mouth 

But I’m not surprised because I see where you come from 

That should at least make you change as a person but I guess you are still a work in progress.

I can understand your in a fit of anger and words come out that you may regret later

But one thing you tend to forget is that CHILDREN  remember everything that the parents say to them.

Whether you are a good parent or a bad parent, children remember 

I wish I was never born… 

Quote of the Day 1/10/13

“Even if its sweeping floors or painting feelings do it better than anyone else. no matter what it is in the world, be the best at it. have respect for others and be proud of yourself. “

Michael Jackson’s Advice To Everybody… Learn something from it and apply it to yourself.

The Breaking Point

Imagine a girl

Held down by her race

Held down by people who thought they loved her

Imagine being held down by society

One day she meets a friend

Another girl to share her pain and sorrows

Her ups and downs in her life.

They hit things off instantly

They make vowes to be true to each other

Through the thick and the thin

They vow to support each other whenever they fight through the tears and the sorrow

They promise to be together, forever, friends, till the end of time.

Until someone flips the water and everything around them becomes cold as ice.

The girl doesn’t understand why the tides turned so quickly

She winds up in a place of fury and confusion

Her friend decides for her that thier friendship is over and done

She wants to fight to get it over with.

The girl doesn’t want to, but she will if she wants to defend herself.

She doesn’t want this petty drama to get in the way of thier beautiful friendship

She wants to say ” I’m sorry” and let the by gones be by gones.

But the friend says it’s too late.

The girl doesn’t want to fight

She doesn’t want to join fists to make a problem even bigger”Just Go back to the ways before” she tells herself.

She prays that God brings her out of this petty drama.

But her prayers went Unanswered.

She heads to the local park to “settle” the petty drama

She wants to get it over and done with

But her intuition keeps telling her no.

When she gets there, she feels queasy

Something keeps telling her that something isn’t right.

From the shadows , she see’s 5 dark figures coming to approach her.

Turns out these figures are the other girls friends

The girl didn’t sign up for this

She thought it was going to be one and one.

One by one they take their turn and beat her to a pulp, leaving her bloody and swollen.

If that wasn’t enough, the next day they chase her into her home and beat her up some more

One of the jumpers asked the girl “Why didn’t you fight back?”

The Girl responded “I’m through with this because I am better than this.”

In the next couple of hours the girl who got bullied and wounded up swollen and bloody takes her own life.

She had enough of bullying and taunting and she just wanted it to end.

She thought that this was the only way…

She tied herself to a fan with the help of a blanket and hung herself while her little brother and sister watched.

The brother screamed in horror, he didn’t know what to do.

The only thing he could do was cry in horror and get the neighbors …But it was too late, she was already gone

Mom came home from work and the first thing she saw was yellow police tape around her door

She demanded what was going, she wanted to see what was wrong

Then she see’s her daughter’s body being carried away out the house

She screams in pain and agnoy screaming “My BABY! MY BABY!” But nothing can bring her daughter back.


That little girl, the 13 year old girl

Had Her Breaking Point and she though this was the only way to deal…

Now a family  is left confused and trying to understand why would someone ever push her to her breaking point.



Lonlieness….missing Someone Who’s Never Been There

I feel so lonley in this world.

No one fully understands me or even try to get to know me.

I do Thank God that I do have some types of friends  and family

Even though they push me to the extremes

I am glad that I do know where I came from

But I still feel there is something missing…

I have wonderful people in my life that care deeply  for me

But I still fill so alone

Maybe it’s because I am missing my other “half”

The other half of my DNA structure

That’s what my mom says anayway

But there is just one thing I can’t understand

I don’t get how you miss something that wasn’t there at all

How can you miss someone you never met?

How can you miss someone that would of better liked if you were dead?

I am not an evil person

I would like to know where he is

And ask him why did he abandoned me and left my mom to raise me all byherself

I wonder do I even cross his mind

Does he even know when my birthday is or does he know he missed out of 19 years of life?

Does he even care?

Or has he tried to contact me but couldn’t?

Was something blocking his obstacle?

Does he even want to establish a sort of relationship with me?

People always ask me if I am sad or mad that he hasn’t been there.

I mean what can I say

Yes and No

Yes because he knew he had a child out in the world and he knew it would cost him way more than some 4 dollars to raise me.

The nerve of him to do that disgusts me.

But I don’t hate him because that’s my “father”

A part of me says no because the man that raised me will always be now and forever my daddy

No matter what everyone else things.

It takes more than a sperm to raise a son/daughter

I just wish he was here so he could comfort me answer some of my questions.

But its too late.

At the end of the day I still feel like I don’t belong here

I feel so empty and so lonley

Like something is missing

Other times I feel like  I want to break free and start my life anew

Right now I am so lost and confused and don’t know what I should do next

I will wait for God until he puts into my heart and mind what to do next.




People always say be careful  for what you wish for, before it might come true.

I have so many wishes that I want to make, but I am in no control of that….

Even though I want to be so bad.

Sometimes I just want to let go

And sometimes I want somewhere to just tell me my future

Tell me whether is going to end up in a glorified way

Or do I need to start making decisions now to save my ass a failing fututre?

Can you get in trouble for wishing for the “wrong” thing?

Can it come back and haunt you?

What is a reasonable wish?

How much is too much?

I want this fellow wish to come true but I’m scared of what might become of it

My wish might come true but not the way I want it to…. Be careful of what I wish for.

New Years Prayer

Dear God,

So many things I want to see come true

So many wishes

Many hopes and dreams that I would like to see come up my alley

If that was only possible…..

Will this new year bring more pain and hurt than last year?

Will I do something so evil that I may regret?

Will someone push me to far off my edge?

Will Karma be a bitch and catch back up with my wicked way?


I don’t know and only time will tell

I can only worry about myself and what I do

Not worry about others people stupid actions

I am strong and I can handle anything that comes my way ….

Or a I least have to do when mess comes.

I pray to continue to be a more stronger person

More Wiser
More ParientSo I don’t make the same mistakes over and over

You know that I am trying

But change is a never ending progress but I am getting there.

Hopefully I will make my impact on the world

To let everybody know I was here

I need to take baby steps to there

I need to start with the man in the mirror before I effect someone’s else’s life.





Broken Heart

You insulted me

So many times that I have a broken heart

Don’t want to be by you

Don’t want to see you

Or even breathe the same air

Sometimes I wonder if I am trying enough

Or am I doing less than I should

I try and I try

But nothing good enoguh for you

I’m trying to make up for the pain that I caused

Trying to make up all the time wasted

Trying to make up the heartache and time

I am so sorry that I am such a disrupt

I will never be good

Or be a better person

In your eyes

Never will I be………