New Years Prayer

Dear God,

So many things I want to see come true

So many wishes

Many hopes and dreams that I would like to see come up my alley

If that was only possible…..

Will this new year bring more pain and hurt than last year?

Will I do something so evil that I may regret?

Will someone push me to far off my edge?

Will Karma be a bitch and catch back up with my wicked way?


I don’t know and only time will tell

I can only worry about myself and what I do

Not worry about others people stupid actions

I am strong and I can handle anything that comes my way ….

Or a I least have to do when mess comes.

I pray to continue to be a more stronger person

More Wiser
More ParientSo I don’t make the same mistakes over and over

You know that I am trying

But change is a never ending progress but I am getting there.

Hopefully I will make my impact on the world

To let everybody know I was here

I need to take baby steps to there

I need to start with the man in the mirror before I effect someone’s else’s life.







You think you no me

But the way

I act


And Dress

You see me walking around

Whispering behind my back

Thinking I can’t hear

I can hear everything you say

Every whisper

Every crackle

I can hear that

But the funny thing about is

Yall bitches think you know me

By the way that I look

The way that I act

You don’t know me

I see how you act

Fake lil bitch

I see all that and more

So before you start saying shit about me

Take  a good look at yourself and do yourself a favir


Fake Ass Bitches

There everywhere


Everywhere you turn your head

There’s one chicken head

Pecking at your feet

Always smilling in your  face

With a pocketful of knobves


They spread them like wildfire

You better catch it before it burns

Burns you down in the ground

Or will be able to take the heat

Can you change the heat

Make it go away



Nope that’s not possible because as long

As we live

There will be more chicken heads

Pecking at your feet



Everything is bliss

When I walk outside

A warm cooling air greets me

When I take a whisk of that

Green trees

Blue skies

A never ending cycle of happiness

Happiness is what feels me

When I am at peace with nature

Also the knits, the ants and bugs

And allergicies I despise

But I am ever so thankful

To see another day

And another chance at life

Thank you for your beautiful sun

Thank You for letting me see

Another dau

And appreciate all your creatures


I miss you

I haven’t been the same ever since you left.

You left me all alone

Moved to another part of the world

I miss the crazy times that we used to have

I hate how I can’t see you

Or talk to you anymire

But one day I will see you again

And we can have the good times all over again.

Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance Is Bliss

When You don;t know what you missed

You are so blind

That a bus could hit you

And you would still be standing there

In the middle of the road

Looking like a fool

Because your are too blind

To See what is in front of you.

Music is Universal

The banging of the drums

Make  loud booms in my head

Making beats and rhythms

To hard to resisit

My body moves

In different ways

To the rhythm of the drum

My body sways in the wind

Like a never ending cycle

of changing moods



Hold me

To the beat of the drum

The drum of music

It leads to places I’ve never been before

I explore



Life Stories



Things that happen in a everday world

The everyday world of music

Stress, Stress, Stress

Different thoughts fill my mind

As I look at the world around ,me

The world of never ending duties

Feelings of worry and frustration

Feel my mind

When I think of things

That need to be done

How will I get these done?

When will these things be done ?

The question will always be unanswered

But I know

With the Help of God

He will make a way

Out of no way

I know I can do this

I know he will make a way

Just be Patient, Alicia


Real Men

Real Men take care of thier kids

Real Men show respect and kindness

Real Men own up to thier actions

Real Men value thier family

You my dear are not a real man

You see, you can boast all day

Till your tounge falls out

Bragging about how much money

You have


How many pairs of shoes you have in your closet

Doesn’t make you a man

A real man takes the little extra money that he has

The help thier brother and sisters out

Help feed the homeless

Donate to charity

Instead of pregnating women

Left and right


Not taking care of your kids

So, Man Up, Man!!!!