Dear Michael…A fan Appreciation Letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,

I can’t believe it has been 4 years since you left this Earth.  There isn’t a day I don’t think about you. I remember the first time I heard you on the radio. I was about 4 years old and Off The Wall was playing. My mom and I danced around the living room and my love for you continues to grow as years went on.  My mom got me into your music. She had been a fan of you ever since she saw you and your brothers perform on the living room TV. She collected everything that had your name or the Jackson’s name on it.  Everything from a button, to a magazine.  As I honor your legacy and your memory, I hope you know how many lives you are touching with your music and your legacy. You thought so many people how to learn and care for the environment, to help a fellow man in need and care about our children. You have taught me to never give up on a dream. To always keep striving to become a better person. Every time that I hit a low note, I used to always play your songs to make me feel better.  All of your messages through your songs were about love and helping one another. I want to continue the love that you showed to people even though people didn’t always return the love back.  Eventually I want to open a nursery that will help all types of babies and children who are sick and give their families a place to stay. That would be one of my dreams that would come true that would be dedicated to you and your spirit. I love and miss you Michael, it is so hard to believe that you are gone. But I am happy that you are at peace and that you can rest. No one on this Earth will ever hurt you again. You are protected in God’s hands.  Your legacy continues to grow throughout the world. Your children, friends and family miss you dearly. We love you now and forever and thank you for the wonderful music you created for the world to share.

Love, Lisa ♥



If I was your girlfriend….my dedication to my Hubby Michael Jackson

Some may call it an obesssion

But I call it being dedicated

If I was many years older

Or if you were my age

How much I would love to date you

Not because of your money

Not because of your dashing good looks ( ;P

Because of you being you

You are everything I  a man should be





It takes a real interesting man to get me

You for one are it

Your sexiness is beyond the stars

I melt whenever I see your sweet face

But the real reason why I am into you

Is because of your heart

The L-O-V-E inside of you

Your love can kill the icest heart

Your love for the Earth is incredible

Beyond commandble

Everybody should have this type of love  in them

I will never understand

And still don’t quite understand

Why  did so many people broke your heart?

You have to be the one of the most sweetest men on Earth

You always put others before yourself

How could anybody break that precious soul?

Who would cheat on you when your the whole package?

I wonder who told you were “ugly”

They must be clearly mistaken

If I was your girlfiriend

I would tell you everyday

How much I love your “potato nose”

That I don’t care about your vitiligo

All I care about if the person I fell in love with doesn’t change

I would seperate the man from “Michael Jackson”

I would caress and hold you

Like there where no tomorow

I would be your ride or die chick

For better or for worse

When other people left your side

I would stay there for thick or thin

When those other bitches try to hurt you

I would hurt them myself

And make it personal

There are so many things I would do for yoy

But you never got the chance to meet me

Or see what I could be

Miss you now and Forever




Como La Flor : My dedication poem to Selena Quintanilla

You had the voice

That could make everybody in the room

To turn thier head , to stop and listen

You had a smile

That could light up the whole room

You were the person

That lived out the “American Dream

And made the dream come true

Made it come to life

We saw you transform through the years

From performing at parties and weddings

To performing at Disney Land

You had so much talent

You were like a flower, just waiting to bloom

But your flower go cut so short

But I want to take the time to Thank You

Thank You for your songs

Thank Yoiu for all the Moves

Thank You for the Humanitarian Effort

We will remember

and cherish these memories

And keep your legacy alive

And let nobody forget that name

Your death is to be forgotten

But your legacy of music should not

“Ay, Ay, Ay, Como me duele”


Dedication to Chris : Fortune = Fortunate


The name of a strong man

Such a powerful name

With powerful talent

Influenced by the greats

And going to reach that level

But people

As Always

Gotta bring somebody down

When they see them as a threat

People will talk until the day you die

And will still not be satisfied

But no matter what they say

No matter what they do

I will always have your back

I always loved your music

Fell in Love with “Run It”

And it transformed from there

But everyday, I ask myself,

Why do people hate you so much?

What have you done to them personally? Nothing.

Why do people hate on such a good thing

Sure everybody makes mistakes

But who is perfect?

Nobody except God himself

And God has blessed you with all this talent

To entertain

To create

To transform

Music as we all know it

But I am here to say this

When people constantly nag at you

For stupid reasons

Just know that

“Inspiration and genius–one and the same”

And all the rest will follow

Be you

Do you

Be Free

and Continue to create good music

Peace and Blessings to Christopher Maurice Brown ♥Image

My Inspiration : Dedicated to the Memory of Lisa Nicole Lopes aka “Supernova”

You and Me have the same name

Share the same views

You are a Gemeni

Me an Aquarius

But yet we are so different

With your Words, You have inspired many

Even though you may not be credited for it


You thought me how to look at the other things in life

The small things

The stuff that matter

You taught me how to love

Love the people around me

And love the creatures of the planet

You taught me how to be wiser

How to deal with the world issues

That are being thrown at you

You don’t get the recoginization you deserve

Everybody calls you “crazy” but you are far from it

You are a beautiful flower

Blooming and changing everyday

You are like a rose

And like a rose you rose above it

And you did

You been and survived in different situations

So that the world can see

That time is always changing

And things don’t always work the way that it seems

They question your every decision

Even though your intentions were good

They turned all your words around

And left you misunderstood

Imagine that, no privacy

But that is the price of fame

If people knew more about you


People could open their eyes

And change their point of view of life

Change their point of view on love

Change thier point of view on happiness

The world needs more people like you

We miss you

Your family misses you

Your aura is fully missed

And You were so loved

Thanks for all you did for the music industry

And many more

And thank you for inspiring a girl like me

RIP Supernova  (May 27, 1971 – April 25, 2002)

* A new star is born* 



Momma K

This poem is dedicated to Katherine Jackson aka Momma K

Momma K

Momma K , please dont cry

Momma K please dont cry

Looking at you

Seeing you cry those tears

of your BELOVEd son that you lost


But most importantly that was your baby

Nobodoy can fully understand how it feels

To loose a son or a dughter

Until it happens to you

You son

Your PRECIOUS baby

That you and Joe cared for and raised

That same baby

That was persucted by the world

That only wanted to share his L.O.V.E

That only wanted to give his all

That only wanted PEACE for Humanity

That was someones father,

brother, son

nephew, uncle

Nobody on this earth can fully understand the lost

But Momma K I want to let you know

I love and support you

You remind me of my grandma that passed

Stay Strong during this difficult time

We love you Momma K

A Man of Innocence

Ok I wrote this poem in the legacy of MICHAEL JOESPH JACKSON. He was truly a talented man on this earth that dind’t deserve the treatment that he recieved.

A Man Of Innocence


ALWAYS Carring

NEVER greedy

If his love was the food, there would be no more Hunger.

No more poverty

No More wars

No more hurt

They did eveerything in thier power to Bring



They went down the road of biogtry to Break you

They even threatened to take your children away

Because they didn’t like the beat of your rhythm.

But even when they did all that

You still give them L.O.V.E

Even when they arrested you and called you

Out of your name

You still gave them L.O.V.E

That is one thing that I will ALWAYS admire about you.

Your willingness to turn the other cheek on stupidity

Your willingness to help the fellow man when at a time of need

Your kindness towards children all over the world.

When I grow up, I want to be a at least the half of the man you are.